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Litelok Launches A Lock For Motorcycles

A study by the British Motorcyclist Federation shows that 1 in every 46 registered motorbikes were stolen in 2018 and according to data from Bennetts Insurance, 43% of riders claim they don’t use any form of security. An established UK bike lock manufacturer, LITELOK have developed the lightest, flexible Motorcycle Gold rated lock on the market.

Designed by LITELOK founder, Professor Neil Barron, an award-winning industrial designer and ex-Rolls Royce aeronautical engineer. “I’ve owned a number of motorcycles and truly understand what it means to lose such treasured possessions but also how inconvenient lugging around heavy chains can be,” says Neil Barron. “We developed LITELOK CORE Moto to be our most secure lock whilst still being really practical and easy to use.

Launched today, LITELOK CORE Moto is the British manufacturer’s toughest, flexible and lightweight lock for scooters and motorcycles. It’s an​ innovative, lightweight yet incredibly secure lock with multiple layers of protection from the inner core out. Accredited Motorcycle Gold by the independent certification group Sold Secure, ​establishing it as one of the lightest and insurance rated locks on the market.

At last an alternative to heavy and cumbersome motorcycle chains used by many riders. LITELOK CORE Moto is engineered to be tough against attackers whilst easy to use for all types of rides. Weighing in at only 2.5kg for a 125cm lock length it is the lightest, flexible Motorcycle Gold rated lock in the world. Scooter riders and motorcyclists can easily store it in a top box or under their seat. A simple integrated click to lock system ​makes it easy to lock, with a key only being required to unlock your bike​. Locks are cleverly pairable with riders able to join two together for added length or side by side for extra security. For extra convenience, the twin packs can be used with the same unique key.

The new Boaflexicore Plus material inside LITELOK CORE is a step change in security, making it the brand’s most secure to date whilst maintaining the flexibile, lightweight and easy to use design that LITELOK are known for. It has been tested by industry experts and awarded the Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rating.

“Our new locks will be manufactured here in Wales and we are looking forward to helping more people secure their bikes wherever they ride in the world.” says Professor Neil Barron.

Litelok’s claim is it’s “The lightest, flexible Motorcycle Gold rated lock in the world.” After a very successful Kickstarter campaign more than exceeded its target funding goal, it appears that many others feel this could be the lock they need. 

Following two successful campaigns on Kickstarter, the team are back to launch LITELOK CORE. The crowdfunding campaign started on the 16 March and runs through to 18 April 2021. LITELOK CORE Moto is available for preorder in either a 125cm or 150cm length and comes with either an orange, black or red washable, outer neoprene skin to help protect your bike’s paintwork. Limited early bird pricing begins at £110 (~$140/​€​130​)​, with savings of up to 30% on recommended retail pricing. Visit the Litelok website or Kickstarter campaign for more information.

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